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Measuring Leg Length Indifference – Is it Necessary?

Quantifying the leg length indifference is the first step towards treatment of the disorder. Leg length discrepancy, which can be biological or anatomical, is a condition where the individual suffers from a limb length difference. While one leg of the individual will be reaching the ground firmly, the other leg will scramble to do the same. Though the treatment is based on the severity of the difference plus a ton of other factors, it is vital to ascertain those few inches difference that is sometimes enough to turn the life of the individual into a living hell.

A clash between various treatments will occur if you aren’t going for an accurate and precise measurement of the indifference. There have been many instances when people with this condition went for the treatment that wasn’t perfect for them. As a result, it worsened their condition, which made them undergo the treatment cycle for the second time.

Doubtless it will be to say that the initial examination will cost a few more bucks than expected, but chances are you might save a lot in the future. If it turns out that the discrepancy can easily be treated by going for a shoe lifts for uneven legs and not a surgery, you will be exempted from a hefty futuristic investment.

shoe lifts for leg length discrepancy

To a certain level, shoe lifts for leg length discrepancy is the best option of treatment. Uneven leg length discrepancy will be averted by adding shoe lift material in the heels of shoes that one regularly uses. Battling out this disorder with the mere use of shoe lifts might seem impossible at first, but the treatment has innumerable evidences of success.

Measuring the leg length difference is, therefore, highly necessary. Any individual with the disorder should take an active participation in all kinds of clinical examinations required to provide the exact figures of indifference. This will not only help in deciding the favorable treatment, but will also promise that your expense is made in the right direction and reaps the maximum benefits for you.

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4 Steps to Make Your High Heeled Shoe More Comfortable

According to the recent studies, more than 90% of women who use high heels experience pain, fatigue and soreness. Of course, a decent outfit is important, but beyond that you need to look up on certain things that can help you out from these problems. There are thousands of nerves in your foot and 28 bones that is approximately 13% of all your body’s total bones count. They hold you up from morning to evening and bear the monotonous stress every day. And how do you repay them? By cramming them into an annoying pair of shoes that enhance the stress they are already going through? No, not exactly!

Here are 4 points you should follow to make your high heels more comfortable. Continue reading

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Multi-Purpose Orthopedic Shoe Lifts

orthopedic shoe lifts

The concept of shoe lifts is not new to today’s generation. Almost everybody are warming up into accepting the use of lift shoes. Before we proceed further lets get a brief idea about what shoe lifts are and how they are useful. The majority of the people wearing lift shoes in their everyday life are diagnosed with a common syndrome called leg length discrepancy or leg length inequality. In this condition, a person has one short leg and another comparatively longer in length. There’s also another scenario where the leg lengths are equal but are altered by symmetry. Continue reading

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Understanding Leg Length Inequality

Leg Length Inequality

According to surgeons and orthopedic doctors, ‘Leg length inequality’ is a common syndrome found in most people in today’s date. How many of you are aware of this condition? We might not even know we have it until we are diagnosed with it. But in few cases this condition which is otherwise also known as Leg length discrepancy, is very prominent and causes various pain such as chronic lower backaches, migraines, dis-functionality and others. Severe damage like hip-replacements, affected blood vessels and etc. can be avoided if Leg Length Inequality (LLI) is diagnosed at the right time and treated early. Continue reading