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4 Steps to Make Your High Heeled Shoe More Comfortable

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According to the recent studies, more than 90% of women who use high heels experience pain, fatigue and soreness. Of course, a decent outfit is important, but beyond that you need to look up on certain things that can help you out from these problems. There are thousands of nerves in your foot and 28 bones that is approximately 13% of all your body’s total bones count. They hold you up from morning to evening and bear the monotonous stress every day. And how do you repay them? By cramming them into an annoying pair of shoes that enhance the stress they are already going through? No, not exactly!

Here are 4 points you should follow to make your high heels more comfortable.

4 Steps to Make Your High Heeled Shoe More Comfortable

Steps to Make Your High Heeled Shoe More Comfortable

  • Proper placement of heel: Your body weight can’t be perfectly balanced if the heel is too far. So, the center line of the heel should be precisely under the center of your own heel. Usually most of the thicker heels naturally do this.

  • Thickness of the sole and heel: It’s always better to wear high heels as they are very comfortable with a little stuffing, specifically on the hard surfaces. The best benefit you can get here is by adding a gel insole which will solve a lot of heel-wearing problems. It can avert toes from scrunching and hence prevent the abscess. The wider is the heel, the greater is the stability.

  • Rigidity of the sole: Shoes having rigid soles are made of hard plastic or wood that creates irritation. Rubber and leather soles move according to your feet and adjust better to the discrepancy in the ground.

  • Buy heels with ties or straps: It can be frustrating when your feet slip out of your heels the minute they leave the ground? So, heels with adjustable ties, straps or buckles over the ankle is always better.

The higher is the heel, the more is the stress on your feet and back. Just Wearing a high heel can cause a lot of pain. But having all these qualities in your shoe lift can be a great addition to your everyday life. So, buying a High Heel Shoe Lift from an authorized orthopedic store is the best way to avoid all the pain and side-effects.


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