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orthopedic shoe lifts

The concept of shoe lifts is not new to today’s generation. Almost everybody are warming up into accepting the use of lift shoes. Before we proceed further lets get a brief idea about what shoe lifts are and how they are useful. The majority of the people wearing lift shoes in their everyday life are diagnosed with a common syndrome called leg length discrepancy or leg length inequality. In this condition, a person has one short leg and another comparatively longer in length. There’s also another scenario where the leg lengths are equal but are altered by symmetry.

The causes of the occurrence of this condition are many. It can result from a fracture injury where the cells responsible for the growth of the bone gets damaged. This sometimes lead to no bone growth or overgrowth of bone during the healing process. Some children are found to be born with unequal leg length. There are many other situations where people are diagnosed with leg length discrepancy.

As with many existing scenarios there are different ways to treat leg length inequality too. But the safest preferred way advised by surgeons is using orthopedic shoe lifts. One should not go buying orthopedic shoes on there own, but should consult an orthopedic surgeon before wearing. Only after a lot of considerations such as medical history, extent of discrepancy, overall health etc., does the doctor decides if the person should go for shoe lifts or not.

Shoe lifts or heel lifts have not just remained restricted to treatment purposes. They are noticed to be used by people for reasons like looking tall and also as comfortable heel lifts. The materials used for making the lifts are a kind of shock absorbents and provides respite from orthopedic pain. So it works both in reducing pain in your back and also provides comfort with an inclusion of style factor.

American Heelers Orthopedic Shoe Repair Specialist Center has been helping people by preparing the best fit orthopedic shoe lifts for years. Our methods allow people to wear any shoes or boots available on the market while not having to deal with uncomfortable and painful shoe inserts which many times will not leave enough room in the shoe to walk comfortably. To place an order or for more descriptions you can visit our website www.orthopedicshoelift.com.

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