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Understanding Leg Length Inequality

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Leg Length Inequality

According to surgeons and orthopedic doctors, ‘Leg length inequality’ is a common syndrome found in most people in today’s date. How many of you are aware of this condition? We might not even know we have it until we are diagnosed with it. But in few cases this condition which is otherwise also known as Leg length discrepancy, is very prominent and causes various pain such as chronic lower backaches, migraines, dis-functionality and others. Severe damage like hip-replacements, affected blood vessels and etc. can be avoided if Leg Length Inequality (LLI) is diagnosed at the right time and treated early.

Basically, LLI is categorized into two kinds. One being structural and the other is functional. Structural Discrepancy occurs when the thigh (femur) or shin (tibia) bone in one leg is actually shorter than the corresponding bone in the other leg. This could have happened due to some condition or activity which caused one bone to be shorter or longer than normal. Where as Functional Discrepancy occurs when the leg lengths are equal, but the symmetry gets altered somewhere above the leg, which in turn disrupts the symmetry of the legs.

Its not that difficult to diagnose or treat Leg length discrepancy. Your orthopedic surgeon determines a specific treatment keeping in mind your medical history and physical examination, and then plans out treatment considering your age, overall health, the extent of discrepancy, tolerance to specific medications and therapies etc. Few techniques that are used to equalize leg length are simple and safe, while some are especially lengthening procedures that are complex with high complication rates.

This is why Orthopedic shoe repair specialist center recommends the use of shoe modification techniques. It is a non-invasive procedure which is cost effective and more importantly pain free. You can gather more information on the process and how to place an order by visiting our website www.orthopedicshoelift.com. Its always best to acknowledge your pain and go for the treatment in the right time to be in the safer side.

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